Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Design

I am going to admit that this design did not in fact, start out as a bag. It was actually a beach mat. However, as I live in sunny hot California, the beach mat was getting to be quite painful to crochet sitting on my lap. I was thinking beach and I said to myself, this looks like a bag! and voilá! you now have the "Life's a Beach tote."

I will be looking for some test crocheters if anyone is interested. All you need to know is sc and dc, and be somewhat comfortable with construction techniques. However the pattern will not include how to sew in the fabric liner. It is a great beginner's pattern.

I hope everyone enjoys my first design!


  1. That bag looks absolutely fantastic, if I knew how to crochet I would have jumped at a chance to make it! Perhaps someday in the future. I also love the lining! Great work!


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