Monday, July 9, 2012

Storage Idea #2: Yarn Keepers

If you are like me then you likely have several works in progress (wips) going at all times. This post is dedicated to yarn keepers. They also act as small portable cases (because another post is going to be dedicated to those wips in hibernation, in non portable cases and larger portable cases).

 First there are the yarn keepers that hold single skeins of yarn. The knitting bag I use is by Chica Bags and it holds a single yarn cake. There is a single grommet at the top to feed your yarn through. I like this bag because it keeps the yarn clean and the clear top allows me to see how much yarn is left. There is also a little strap on the back that makes it easy to transport.

Next is another yarn keeper that is slightly larger. It is large enough to hold several yarn cakes in it at a time as well as the current project I am working on. As you can see, it currently holds the Shaw's Cove shawl that I am working on. It also has a single hole at the top to feed the yarn through, but as I store my projects inside, I rarely use it. It has a handle as well. You can visit their website Stitchin' Post and contact them to see if sell them anymore. I bought mine almost five years ago!

 Next are the yarn keepers that we've all seen sold at chain stores like Joanns here in the US. This is the very first case I ever bought. It is big and tall enough to hold a skein of Fisherman's Wool in it by Lion Brand. Also it has a hole to feed the yarn through at the top. At the moment I have a crochet color project in hibernation shoved in it. They also sell this particular yarn keeper in a bigger version as well.

Sometimes I store the project I am working on in this as well. However, I tend to use softer bags more-so because I can fit them in a bigger bag or set them on top of my purse. But this is perfect for a fragile project that you don't want to worry about anything smashing it on accident.

Lastly we have the infamous "bag". I think we all have stored our wips in a bag at some point, whether its been a plastic bag or a handmade one as pictured above. This was a crochet bag that didn't turn out as i'd imagined but it works great as a project bag. The handle makes it portable and being handmade, it cost me around $2 to make, so its a cheaper alternative.

There are many bags to utilize for making your wips portable. The few mentioned above just happen to be what I use. However if you look up Chica bags, Lantern Moon or any other yarn keepers you are sure to find one you like. In the future, once my sewing machine is working I also have some designs planned for these types of bags that I plan to sell.

In the mean time, what type of yarn keepers/ small portable bags do you use for your wips?


  1. I have an actual knitting bag I got for Christmas one year. Its huge it will hold a couple projects, and all the yarn I need for it while keeping my needles in order. The other one is a 31 one bag I ordered that I am currently using to tote my projects around in. It will hold three projects and all the yarn needed for them..It rocks. This post rocked too. I didn't know there were bags that would prevent the yarn tangle conundrum.

  2. I love how you have so many yarn keepers! I, too, have various small project bags that help me keep track of my different WIPs. What I don't have is a yarn keeper for a big project.

  3. I have probably close to 30 different bags, keepers, etc. but in reality I usually just have my ball running loose through the apartment (the cats help with that.) I love the idea of using something like the Chic-a keepers, but every time I start a new project I get so excited to cast on that I forget to thread the yarn through the grommet first...

  4. Wow, I had no idea yarn holders existed, what a great idea! I especially love the hole for the yarn to feed through. I usually stuff my latest project into my Nameste bag that I use as my purse ( love that bag!).


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