Friday, August 24, 2012

FO: First Design

*drum roll* And now to reveal my latest finished design! Le Moustache Beanie!

I am currently finishing up the pdf, but before I release it for test knitting I will knit this pattern up again, I might adjust the placement of the moustaches. But on that note, if you would like to test knit for me please let me know in the comments below. It requires worsted weight yarn, it took approximately 175 to 190 yards of brown and less than 30 of the pink (these are guess-timates at the moment). At the moment only Cecilia from "Don't Drool on the Wool" has generously offered to help me test knit (thank you!).

If you see this design and feel inspired to knit your own, please respect my rights as a designer, thank you. The pattern will be shortly available on ravelry for your knitting pleasure.

For more finished objects visit Tamis Amis!


  1. This is adorable, I love it! I wish I had the time to test knit right now, but I don't : (

  2. You know, I'm about to finished up my current WIP and could probably give your beanie a test knit this weekend. Let me know!

  3. Congratulations -- this is so exciting!!


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