Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yarn Store Closure

So this morning I woke up and thought it was Tuesday. Yes, that's how on top of things I am. But it was a happy thing to discover because that means tomorrow is payday!

There is a yarn store an hour away from me going out of business. This is a double edged sword because it means yet another yarn store I can't go to but it also means they are having an awesome sale.

Last week I scored yarn that would have cost me $200 for only $100. It was mainly cascade 220 and a couple skeins of manos. But that being said, I never really went to this store very much. It had been in business a very long time and a lot of the yarn was old. You could also tell that this shop thrived during the novelty yarn craze that happened four or five years ago. Their "sale" selection was chocked full of ugly novelty yarns that won't sell anymore.

This sounds very harsh but this isn't the reason she is going out of business. She is retiring and no one wanted to buy her business. I think she might have fared better if she had pushed her business in a younger direction and put her yarn stand up off the floor. Because who wants to bend over to look through everything or buy yarn that was subject to every dirty shoe or gust of dirty wind that blew into its cubby on the floor?

Well criticism aside it was a good yarn store for certain kinds of yarns. But they aren't yarns I cannot find elsewhere thankfully. I will post more yarnporn pictures later of my purchases!


  1. !! Oh no! What yarn store is it???
    I need to get over there and buy it all up! It is a bummer though, since it seems like all the shops are going out of business around here :(

  2. Bad for them, but good for you! Now you have some lovely new yarn! I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on how a yarn store should be run, I agree that it sounds like she wasn't really in on the times. Now what are you going to knit with that yummy new yarn?


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