Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Le I Am The Walrus Moustache Beanie

Herro, welcome to my poorly neglected blog as of late. While I haven't been blogging I have been getting some things done. The end of my summer is proving to be very busy and I start school next week. My insanely organized amazing geomorphology professor has already sent out homework, yay? I am not back in school mode whatsoever.

Although I am thinking that as this is my last semester at my current college, I will give myself a break and take some "fun" classes. I want to take digital photography so I can improve the look of my blog, and maybe learn some graphic design. I have been a little better at utilizing other social media outlets that I have listed on the sidebar. Some I'm finding are more useful than others, and when my blogging skills improve and I get more followers I may delete them.

I thought perhaps it was a mistake to name my blog Misty Mountain Designs because I haven't had the time to make things for my Etsy store, or design much really. Its really difficult with school and work to find much down time. However, I am almost finished with my next design, here is a sneak preview:

Le I Am The Walrus Moustache Beanie (muahaha)

I am in need of a couple test knitters if anyone is interested. Its a simple knit, you should know how to carry the yarn behind for color work, but that only last for a few rows, otherwise is simple stockinette. You don't have to be a hipster but I've heard that could be helpful (but a true hipster wouldn't admit they're a hipster) :] 

I've contemplated making this a strictly knitting blog, but I've always wondered, do you guys enjoy blogs that share random photography and their current playlists? I recently ran into a blog that does something similar and I really love the layout. I'm going to work on building my design skills to reflect this, although on my current pc it may not be possible. It has been bluescreening at least twice a day lately, and it can't handle loading photoshop (so anticipate some crappy photos or instagram ones like the above).

Hope everyone's week is going well! I promise I won't be a lazy blogger anymore! (*hint hint* the random photography will help me not be a blogging fail!)

I hope you all can join Ginny's Yarn Along and Tamis Amis's WIP Wednesdays.

p.s. My mega huge entrelac blanket is getting turned into a granny square blanket... the other one was just way too big... Entrelac would be better for a lap sized throw blanket. Oh and my ravellenic games shawl is halfway finished, still.


  1. I love the mustache its amazing. And I understand about trying to get back into the school mode and not having a ton of down time to knit.

  2. Hmm if that's worsted weight I'll test-knit for you. I have plenty of stash that would love to become a 'stache.

  3. Nice to see you on your blog. As for content, this is YOUR blog so you should post about whatever you fancy. Good luck with the start of the new semester!

  4. Is there anyone who knits fast enough to blog regularly on just knitting? It's a struggle! I like to see random things thrown in.

  5. I've been struggling with balancing school and everything else in my life right now too, sometimes that just happens. But you are working on a new design and that is wonderful! I really like both this blog structure and the one you had before this one, I think that you shouldn't worry about the readers as much and focus on what you want to develop on this blog. Good luck with everything!

  6. Hi, I wandered over from Ginny's blog (and it was the name that caught my eye). I'd be willing to test knit that for you. I,ve been neglecting my blog this summer too, but am forcing myself to not apologize for it. I do what I can when I can. I think I always enjoy blogs with a bit of a mix. If the blogger is really interested and excited in it, that makes all the difference.


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