Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stellar Stephen West Knits Patterns

Soo I had been rethinking even having a twitter account until I saw Stephen West tweet that all of this patterns were half off with the code he tweeted. Rethinking deleting my twitter? You betcha.

See us college students we are poor, and unless you're going to knit a pattern instantaneously, coveted patterns forever lie in the infamous favorites or queue. But with this little half off puppy I couldn't pass up the chance to save $15!

That's right, his patterns usually sell for $6 a piece and I got five for only $15 instead of $30!

Hint hint the code is mysteryrevealed ;)

but hurry because it's only good until tomorrow!!

Here are the lovelies I scored:


  1. Thanks for letting me know! I've been eyeing a couple of his patterns for a while, too, and now they're finally affordable on my college budget.

  2. Thanks for your tip, I too avoid buying patterns if they cost too much. This was an ideal way of nabbing a couple from my queue ahead of time.

  3. Wow, such a great tip, thanks! I love his patterns, he has such a great aesthetic, but as you've said I tend to avoid them because of the price. Now, which one will you knit first?

  4. Sounds like we went on similar shopping sprees!


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